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Welcome to My site!  Thank You for being here.  Please take a few minutes to look around and I hope I can Help You Retire For A Better Life.  Baby Boomers and people nearing retirement are in financial trouble.  Most folks know that the money promised by Social Security is Not Enough.

The Goal of Social Security Is Not Enough is to Provide Seniors, Retirees, and people nearing Retirement with useful information to better enjoy their retirement years.  Here You will find information on Social Security Benefits, Supplemental Income, Money Saving Discounts, and other helpful tips to help you in your retirement years.

My Story

I am a Veteran and I Honorably served 15 years in The U.S. Military.  While serving four years in The Army and eleven years in The Navy; I traveled to many parts of the world.  Germany. Canada, Britain and Italy to name a few.

In The Navy I repaired computers and electronics on anti-submarine warfare (ASW) equipment.  The ASW Community keeps track of the worlds Submarines year round; so the responsibility was vital to our nations defense.

Not to bore you with my life story, but as I near Retirement I realize that Social Security retirement is not enough money to live the kind of retirement life that I wanted.

I Wanted a Lot.

I wanted freedom from a (JOB), I wanted to travel, I wanted to work only a few hours a week and still have plenty of money recurring on a monthly basis.  I wanted the ability to work from anywhere, without a long commute to a daily job; where I would constantly trade time for dollars.

Real estate sounded very interesting, and I knew it had made many millionaires like Donald Trump; but it was risky, and I did not have the start up capital to invest.

Why Is Social Security Not Enough ?  Not Enough For Me Anyway.

The Amount of a monthly Social Security varies, depending on what age You decide to retire.  The below data was taken from a Google Search just now.

The Maximum monthly Social Security benefit that an individual can receive per month in 2019 is $3,770 for someone who files at age 70. For someone at full retirement age (currently 66) the Maximum amount is $2,861, and for someone aged 62 the Maximum amount is $2,209.  Remember these are Maximum amounts and the amount that Social Security pays depends on several factors.  Each personal case is different, but generally speaking these factors are listed below.

  1. The Highest Earning 35 Years that You worked.  (Averaged)
  2. The Age that You Start to Receive Benefits.  (Early Retirement Age is 62)
  3. The Amount You Earn while Receiving Benefits. (Case by Case)

Now I don’t know about You…..But those figures and The Associated Ages Scare Me!  At Age 62 (Early Retirement) The Maximum amount is $2,209.  So lets say my lodging, utilities, telephone, vehicle maintenance, and insurance premiums comes to $1.850 (I think this is a Very conservative estimate).  How much do I have left for food, entertainment, credit card debt, Medical expenses and Incidentals???  Pretty scary right??  I simply Needed to make more money.  Here’s what I found…….

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Additional Income

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