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I Grew up in The Deep South where every truck had a pickup truck Gun Rack (With Long Guns) in the back window. It was okay to put 7 kids in the back and go for a ride. Everyone was sitting down cause that’s what they were told to do. We drank from the water hose when We were outside playing. Kids were (to be seen not heard) when they were out in public. If You did say something; It was Always “Yes Sir, No Ma’am, Please and Thank You”. But this was Only when a Grown up was talking directly to You.  Respect and Courtesy prevailed.

We went Huntin’ and Fishin’, and rode our bikes without a helmet / knee pads.  We played hide-and-seek, went exploring, played dodge ball and used Our imagination to occupy our days.  We did not Complain or Say “I’m Bored”; cause that meant Daddy or Mamma would find some chores for Us to do. (In addition to Our Daily Chores.)

I ‘m a Veteran of The U.S. Military where I served Honorably for 15 Years.  But that was Years ago, and I am about to Retire in a few Years.

Most folks would call me “Old School” primarily because of my thinking.  By this, I mean I have High ethical and moral standards; and I believe in telling the Truth.  I Tell It Like It Is.  If I tell You something, It is the Truth; or what I believe is the Truth.  I Don’t curse with every other word; the way a lot of people do these days. “Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say.” I Think Good communication; builds Good relationships.

I will apologize to you later, (when time allows); if I hurt your Tender Dang Feelings. Something else I have learned is “If Someone Will Lie To You; They Will Steal From You.” I learned this many years ago; and it still hurts when I have to have a “Refresher Course” from someone that I have Trusted.

I Know I’m Opinionated, and I also Know Common Sense Is Harder To Find these days.  I’m just A Grumpy Old Man….. I Guess.



I Want to Help You Live A Better Retirement and Enjoy Life.  If you ever need a Hand or have Any Other Questions, or Comments feel Free to leave them below and I will be more than Happy to Help You.

All the best,


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Helping People Retire Better For Life.

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