There are thousands of people that have Questions about their Social Security Benefits. There is much confusion about this topic and many myths abound; So please don’t take any of this for “The Gospel”.  Do Your own Research…..Heck that’s probably how you got here, but I will try to open the blinds a little. After all, The Social Security Administration is A Government Agency. When was the last time a Government Agency made anything simple?

So many questions; So little time. I hope to address most of the more pressing questions here. Once again I want to state that I DO NOT work for the government, so I am providing answers to these questions based on my Research. That being said….. Let’s dive in

How Do I Find Out My Benefits ?

You can find Basic Social Security Benefits information on the internet with a simple Google Search. You can also contact Your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office with either a phone call or a visit. Because Your Benefits involve so many variables, I won’t go into too much depth here.

When Can I Start Receiving Benefits ?

You can start receiving early Retirement benefits as listed below. However, this is a choice that Each person needs to consider carefully; as it affects You; and Your Full benefit IS NOT paid at the listed age. I could give You answers till I am blue in the face, but ultimately this is Your choice. I will always defer to the Experts on financial decisions that affect other people. Below I have listed some guidelines.

  • If You are at least 61 years and 8 months old, this Varies (For me Full retirement is 66 Years 10 Months)
  • And are NOT drawing benefits on Your own Social Security Work history
  • You have not already applied for Retirement benefits
  • You Cannot Apply more than 4 months in advance (So keep this in mind.)

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Can I Collect Social Security and Still Work ?

Yes, You can collect Social Security Retirement and still work in most cases. But be careful as to the amount that You earn. While it will increase your future Social Security Benefit; It May ALSO decrease your current retirement benefit. You can work and Earn up to a certain amount and this is determined by Your age and how much You earn.

This is a confusing and complicated issue and I am NOT an expert so I won’t be going into the details. I will leave that to the people who do this on a daily basis. So if this is a concern for You, a call to the Social Security Administration or a visit to Your local office would be time well spent. By doing this….You can explain Your particular situation, Your Age, How much You Make, etc and get the straight scoop.

In many cases the money from Social Security Benefits is NOT enough. If You need to make more money from home to supplement Social Security, You may want to read anther article I wrote.  You can find it by clicking Here.

Can My Spouse and I Both Collect Social Security ?

I am sure this question has been asked millions of times. It can also get kinda confusing, So I will try to be clear in the answer I give.

For most couples now at the age of retirement, both the wife and husband have earned some Social Security retirement benefits. If one Retirement benefit is claimed, his or her spouse can claim the Spousal retirement benefit only.(But they can only claim this at full retirement age / different for each person). In this case they would Not be able to claim their retirement benefit; as they would be already claiming a Spousal benefit.

If your spouse is 65 or older and applies for spousal benefits now; they will also be applying for their retirement benefits.

Can I Apply For Social Security Online ?

The Quick answer is Yes. You can submit an application for Social Security Disability, Medicare and Retirement Benefits online. You can also call your local SSA office get many of your questions answered on the phone. This will avoid waiting in line at your local SSA office. Depending on where you live, it can be like going to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Los Angeles, California. You better pack a lunch.

If You do visit a local Social Security Office, you can complete the application there; and get Your specific answers based on Your Own situation. You can also find out more on their website Here.


Because there are So Many factors involved, and Each case is different; their are advantages to visiting an office near you. You can Talk to a customer service representative and get a lot of Your Specific questions answered on the spot. You may not like the answer, but at least you got an answer.


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  1. My dad has some questions concerning the the social security and he has been thinking of what the number really is of use to him. Gladly, you have simplified all this and now I understand what the benefits are all about. I think I will need to read this to him and then we can both go to an office close by for some more details. Thank you very much.

  2. My parents have had to jump through hoops more than once because of all the government bureaucracy surround the Social Security Department. Being able to do most of it (but not all in their case) online really helped them out. One thing everyone should be aware of is that not all social security benefits are tax free, depending on the type or amount you just might have to pay taxes ON your SS benefit checks (craziness!). Anyways, good informative article on social security benefits. Take care and have a good one.

  3. This is very nice to see and I have to say that I am more than impressed to go through your post. Social security to the seniors is a very big deal. I know of one around my area that got scammed of this same thing. I didn’t know that there is so much benefits of the social security and there are ways for one to make good enquiry from it. Nice post!

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